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A thank you letter to American Airlines

December 12, 2012 1 comment

As you all know, I love guest posts!  Today’s guest post is from Amy at Adventures in Babysitting…Men.  She’s awesome and everybody should read her blog or follow her on Twitter.

Dear American Airlines,

I’d like to thank you for your handling of my canceled and rescheduled flights due to the December 26th snowstorm that hit the Eastern coast.

First, you were so considerate in calling me at 5:00AM Dec 26th to tell me that my 1:20PM direct flight from Tampa to JFK was canceled and that you re-booked me on a 1:45PM flight to LGA that would take me through the beautiful city of Miami.  Very generous of you to send me to a city I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting in many, many years.

I would also like to thank you for so politely telling me at the airport that I am not able to check-in for my 1:45PM flight more than 24-hours in advance, when I just assumed that my newly rescheduled itinerary should also be for Sunday, December 26th and not in fact for Monday, December 27th.  Silly me.  Why on earth would I assume that when you proceeded to tell me of the new flight numbers and the new airports, but not the new day/date?  That’s what happens when you “assume” something.  I need not remind myself of that saying about assuming something.

I’d like to thank you for your updates on Monday, telling me that all flights were a go and for a speedy and on-time flight from Tampa to Miami.

I’d like to thank you for sending my boyfriend update notifications/flight trackers, so that he could text me when I landed in Miami to let me know that my flight to New York’s LGA was canceled.  Thank you for keeping him, and therefore me, in the loop.

I’d like to thank you for your rebooking agents.  After spending nearly two hours in line, it was such a warm welcome I received from your rebooking agent…in Spanish.  I apologize for not being fluent in Spanish and making that agent then speak to me in English.  That was entirely my fault.  I should have paid better attention in the nearly 11 years I studied Spanish from 6thgrade through college.  I mean, I must be some kind of idiot to have studied for that long and still not be able to speak fluently.  Once again, totally my fault.

I’d like to thank your bilingual booking agent for putting me on the standby list.  Being alone in the Miami airport, it was nice to be among nearly 250 trying to get back to NY.  There was a nice camaraderie among us all as we eagerly waited to see if we were on the first flight out to LGA at 6:45AM.  We all shared a special bond of staying overnight in the freezing cold Miami airport (I completely understand that the airport temperature was beyond your control).

I’d like to thank you for the patience of your gate agents as they had to repeatedly tell those waiting on standby to “sit down and to keep the area in front of the desks clear for passengers with confirmed seats.”  I really felt for those hard-working agents.

I’d like to thank your agents for making me chuckle.  While waiting to see if I made the 7:45AM flight, it was amusing to see that your agents at that gate failed to let the waiting crowd know that the flight was indeed closed and that they should proceed to the gate of the next departing flight.  Why was this amusing?  It was just funny to see your gate agents act as though everything (loading the plane with standby passengers) was still occurring, when in fact, the plane had already pulled back from the jetway.

I’d like to thank you for getting me on the third flight out of Miami to LGA on Tuesday late morning.  Truly, I really genuinely appreciate that.

But most of all, I’d like to thank you for storing my baggage for a full week, free of charge.  I could only imagine what that would have cost me if I had arranged for my baggage to stay somewhere else in NYC for 7 days.  Real estate, including storage rentals, is not cheap in NYC.  That was very generous of you, but perhaps I should be thanking LaGuardia Airport for keeping my bag safe and sound for so long.

All in all, what an immense pleasure it was to fly with you this holiday season.  I can only hope my next flying experience will be equally as gratifying.  But I sincerely doubt anything can live up to that standard.


Footie pajamas?

April 21, 2012 1 comment

I was in Reagan airport in DC when I noticed a woman in footie pajamas.

This confounded me for a number of reasons.

1.  Why would an adult even own footie pajamas?  Sure, I loved them when I was 5 but as an adult…personally, I don’t like getting naked every time I have to pee.

2.  Airport floors are gross.  How dirty must the feet of those things have been at the end of the trip?

3.  Security makes you take off your shoes.  Do those count?  If so, what did she do?  And if not, I think they should.  She could have shoved tiny bombs in there, you know.  In fact, I think wearing footie pajamas as an adult is pretty suspicious behavior.  She probably needed the enhanced pat down.


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